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RainWater Cambodia

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About Us
Key Outcomes
CCC Membership
NGO Good Practice Project

Welcome to RainWater Cambodia

About Us

RainWater Cambodia was established in October 2003 through a collaboration of Cambodian and foreign nationals. Their common bond was a concern for the health of people in Cambodia, especially women and children. Access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation are clear priorities for improved health and that is why RainWater Cambodia focuses on these areas. Wherever possible we build on the strengths of traditional practices – such as rain water collection – but do so in a way which manages the risks associated with traditional methods such as preventing mosquitoes from breeding in the tank and preventing contamination from humans and animals.

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To date we estimate that RainWater Cambodia has assisted over 100,000 people to access safer drinking water through formalised rainwater harvesting!

We welcome any comments or feedback on our activities and on our website so please feel free to use the Contact Us page to ensure your message reaches us!

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Rural Communities – where drinking water and sanitation are accessible and equitable.

To support rural communities in Cambodia to find appropriate solutions to access drinking water and sanitation through the development of their capacity and by strengthening the private sector to meet demand.


Create opportunities for participation by all

Demonstrate respect and equity in all our relationships

Ensure honestyaccountability and transparency in all our dealings

Commit to strive to achieve best practice, which is reflected in quality of service

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Key Outcomes

  1. Access to safer drinking water: The main aim of our work is to promote access to safer drinking water in communities which do not have alternative viable mechanisms. We have helped over 100,000 people in a variety of settings access safer drinking water through risk managed rain water harvesting systems.
  2. Increased use of sanitary latrines: Through social engagement households not only have but use a latrine thereby reducing open defecation and its concomitant risks.
  3. Social benefits: Through direct engagement of people, the “what’s in it for me ?” factor has motivated even the poorest in very difficult circumstances to not only participate but take pride in themselves and their achievements. Improved living conditions, cleaner environments, improved self esteem, reduced labour burden and increased safety, especially for women and children are some of the observed and reported benefits.

CCC Membership

The Cooperation Comittee for Cambodia (CCC) is a professional association of non-government organisations in Cambodia that provides high quality services to civil society and influences Cambodia’s development partners through a collective voice. The group strives to achieve a strong and capable civil society, cooperating and responsive to Cambodia’s development challenges.

RainWater Cambodia is an active member of CCC and participates in the monthly forums and provides feedback on surveys and other circulated materials when needed.

NGO Good Practice Project

NGO GPP is a project within the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) and represents a collective response by NGOs, donors/funding agencies, and other stakeholders to professionalise and strengthen the NGO sector in Cambodia by encouraging and promoting NGO accountability and good organisational practice. NGO GPP has facilitated the process of development of the Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs in Cambodia.

The NGO Code has been developed by a Working Group of representatives of the NGO Community in Cambodia, and incorporating feedback from a wider audience of NGOs, government departments, and other development stakeholders.  This code aims to maintain and enhance standards of good organisational practice and to ensure the public trust in the integrity of the individuals and organisations that make up the NGO sector, and the effectiveness of NGO programmes.

The NGO Good Practice Project has produced a voluntary certification system centred on compliance with a Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs in Cambodia. To participate, organisations must submit a written application with supporting documentation and allow staff members of the NGO GPP to conduct desk based and field audits.

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